Registration and Fees

BC Alpine Fees – Alpine Canada Alpin

The following membership fees, which cover insurance for racers and parent/guardians, are required for registration in the NGSL Program:

$ 106.08 – Entry Level Athlete – each athlete under 12 years of age (as of December 31st)

$ 145.50 – Recreational Program Athlete – each athlete 12 years of age and older (as of December 31st)

$ 31.20 – General Member – required for the parent(s)/guardian(s) of athletes under 18 years of age, for Club Board members; and for volunteers and officials of more than one event.

$ 31.20 – Coach and Coach in Training

More information here.

Summit Lake Racers Program Fee

Nancy Greene Ski League Program

U6  –  $ 100.00 – This program is not being offered in 2023-2024

U8 to U14 – $ 200.00

Registration fees include coaching, racing and training equipment, officials and coach training and expenses, and administration only – and DO NOT include lift tickets, travel expenses, or equipment.

Registration – Closed for 2023-2024

The Nancy Greene Ski League is not a learn-to-ski program.  Our athletes are expected to be able to ride our T-Bar lift without assistance, and be comfortable making controlled snowplow turns down the green runs “Far Out” and “Abby”.

A registration form and a waiver/liability release form is required for registration with Alpine Canada Alpin and BC Alpine.  A form is required for each individual membership.  To register, contact the Club ( and you will be provided with registration forms, and an outline of the registration process.

In addition, the following documents are included in Registration:

Athlete Photo/Media Consent form is here.

Athlete Emergency Consent Form is here.

Athlete Code of Conduct Agreement is here.

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct Agreement is here.