Our Coaches work with athletes to support their knowledge and skill development –  including stance and balance, timing and coordination, steering and edging, pressure and carving, and speed control.

Our training consists of on-hill skiing, drills, free skiing, and limited gate training – with the primary goal of skill development.  We train with teams grouped according to skill and age, with a goal of 6 – 8 athletes per coach.  Since children acquire skills and different rates, drills and training can vary widely between teams and individual athletes.  We encourage everyone to have fun while improving skills, and no skier is forced into drills, training, or racing against their will.

Our typical training day – 09:45 to 14:30

  • Team Meeting – review goal & plan for day
  • Warm Up – dynamic activity & warm up run
  • Drills, Variations and limited gates
  • Lunch Break – athletes supervised by parents
  • Free Skiing, Obstacles, Terrain
  • Cool Down & Team Debrief of day

Our coaches are members of Alpine Canada Alpin – Canada Snowsports Coaches (ACA-CSC) – properly trained and experienced for the program level; with a valid license for the current year.  The club supports and encourages ongoing coach professional development.

Entry Level Coaches

Development Level Coaches

  • U12, U14
  • Learn to Train
  • Snow Stars 5 – 7

Coaches-in-Training – “Tail Gunners”

For our younger teams (U6-U8) or larger teams, we utilize “tail gunners” to assist with team management and athlete assistance.  Although tail gunners assist and do not coach, the Coach-in-Training course from Alpine Canada is highly recommended, and supported by the Club.

Tail gunners are expected to complete the ACA-CSC coach-in-training module, and the Safe Sport Training provided by the National Certified Coaches Program.